Why Students Should Care About Hunger

We asked Christina, our October Online Intern, what she thought were the top 5 reasons students should care about hunger.

And, here's what she came up with.


  1. Access to food is a basic human necessity in life, and therefore is a basic human right.
  2. It is the responsibility of those with resources to help those without. I am determined to live for justice in the world, and hunger is a blatant injustice.  I believe that love and compassion for people is imperative to living a fulfilled life. I want to do all that I can with everything that I have to make a difference in the world.
  3. Other forms of development and aid such as education, rely on the assumption that people are living. Without food people do not live. Therefore fighting hunger is at the very foundation of international aid. With hunger being the number one health risk in developing countries, something has to be done!
  4. There IS enough food in the world to feed everyone. The injustice that is hunger should NOT be accepted as socially or globally unavoidable. 
  5. I can't sit back and know that one in four children in developing countries are malnourished and underweight, while the society I live in is battling obesity and greed.

I completely agree with you.

I completely agree with you. Its rare to find people like you today, continue to make a difference!

Great Reasons.

Well said Christina. I especially like reason number 3. As students, we are continually taught that the solution to many of our world's problems is to educate those in developing countries. However, how are we, as a global society, suppose to educate those who have died from the injustice of food deprivation? Simply put, we cannot. As students and scholars, we need find a feasible issue of how to make food accessible to everyone.

we are together

I extremely agree that all students in the world must care about hunger not only in Africa but also over the worl. As the young generation we have to realize that they are our brothers and sisters too that need our help. let's hold our hand to help them as well as we can. that's our responsibility..

This was a great post. There

This was a great post. There are a lot of reasons why people should care about hunger, and I agree fully with all the points in the post above. Hunger, in my opinion, is against the right to a secure life, in the sense that it prevents someone from being free from fear, maybe not in the literal sense but in the sense that one lives with a threat hanging every single day. I would imagine it's not a very nice, nor fulfilled life. Students in particular have a very unique perspective. Those presently studying about issues like world hunger, social problems or related concerns all possess a special view into the issues confronting our world. Also, the other forms of development, such as education and political reform really do operate on the assumption that people are secure enough to turn towards other aspects of personal progress. However, one who is sick, one who hungers or one whose life is in the balance cannot participate in these exercises of development. Thus, the post above really highlights the importance of food, food aid and the work of the WFP in promoting short-term relief and long-term, sustainable human progress. Good job to all of you!

BOOM! So good :)

BOOM! So good :)