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If you could ask a student in Nepal a question, what would it be?

Welcome to a tiny village in Nepal where students sing about the miracles of education because they now have the nourishment to learn. A BBC journalist recently traveled to this village to meet some of the students here who receive a daily WFP meal at school and share their story. This Wednesday, you’ll have the opportunity to meet these singing students with BBC World Class – and hear about how receiving a WFP meal everyday at school helps them dream big for the future.

In Germany, Fourmilliononehundredninetyfourthousandonehundredninety grains of rice

As school classes across Germany and Austria came together for a friendly Freerice competition, there were many exciting head-to-head races. In the end, the students raised over four million grains of rice to help WFP feed hungry people. One school proved invincible, but the real victory was collective: making an impact in the fight against hunger.

Jessica Watson and WFP Welcome 7,000 Australian Schools Aboard the Fight Against Hunger

As the youngest person to sail around the world, WFP Youth Representative Jessica Watson knows a thing or two about the incredible feats young people are capable of. It’s no surprise then that she’s back in her home country of Australia empowering students to make a sea change on hunger.

In Monaco, Students Ace The Fight Against Hunger

The Principality of Monaco may be amongst the world’s smallest countries but that has not deterred its youth from making a big impact in WFP’s fight against hunger. Here’s how Monegasque students are doing their part to tackle the world’s greatest solvable problem: hunger.