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Brit Swims English Channel To Raise Funds for WFP

Vicky Miller took on the challenge of swimming in a relay across the 21-mile English Channel to raise awareness about hunger and funds for WFP. Through sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues, Vicky has raised nearly £3,000.

Post date: 07/26/2013 - 17:44

Making A Difference On Hunger One Facebook Post At A Time

How would you let your school know that hunger is the world’s greatest solvable problem? Zara, a high school student in Jamaica, tapped into the tool her classmates were already using to communicate in school and out: social media.  With one successful awareness-raising campaign behind her and an ambitious Freerice school event on the horizon, Zara has become a true social media advocate using her posts to power offline action. Here’s her story.

Post date: 06/20/2013 - 22:06

Get Reading This Summer: The Books That Inspired Today’s Top Humanitarians

Wherever you see the blue and white WFP logo around the world, these are some of the people nearby making our work happen. The group of WFP staffers featured in this story come to their work with different points of view and life experiences, but they all share this: along the way, a book inspired them to do what they’re doing. 

Post date: 05/30/2013 - 11:10

Spring has sprung with WFP in Germany

“The coldest March in 125 years” – those are headlines read in newspapers across Europe, including those in Germany. WFP welcomed spring by giving away free seed packets to a local primary school in Berlin.

Post date: 04/22/2013 - 13:59