Bring Freerice 2.0 into Your Classroom!

There are 925 million people in the world who don’t have enough food – that means that 1 in every 7 people go to bed hungry.  And, hunger is still the #1 health risk in our world today, killing more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

So what can you do about it?  More importantly, what can you as a teacher do about it?

The answer is simple. Bring Freerice into your classroom!

The online vocabulary sensation has raised enough rice since its inception in 2007 to feed over 4.2 million people for a day, and now it is even better! With the new version of Freerice (Freerice 2.0) you still earn 10 grains of rice for every question you answer correctly, but now it is even easier to see how you are helping fight hunger worldwide.

Freerice 2.0 allows you to log in and track your earnings. And, you can create groups to hold fun, easy and educational competitions within your class or school.  

To help you promote your competition check out this flyer.  Just click, print and PLAY!

If you are having a competition we want to know about it.  Send us your school’s story with picture and we will publish it on our site.  To thank you for bringing Freerice into your classroom we will send you a special certificate signed by Nancy Roman, the Director of Communications, Public Policy & Private Partnerships for the UN World Food Programme.