Congratulations to the Freerice "Class of the Week!"

This award is created to recognize one class' efforts to feed the world by working together and playing Freerice. Each week, one class is selected from the Freerice website based on the number of grains they have collected and the information they have provided about their group. To be eligible for the award, make sure to sign in and  register your group on the Freerice website!

This week's Freerice "Class of the Week" is Dr. Tony's English Class. To date, they have earned 109,190 grains of rice! The group is made up of college students in central California who use the English Vocabulary section and enjoy the increasing challenge of the word levels. According to Dr. Tony, his class is "dedicated to making positive change" and doing their part to make the world a better place. 

Upon hearing about the award, Dr. Tony wanted to send this message to classes around the world:
"We challenge every classroom out there to use this site.  We are all responsible for the change we would like to see in the world."

Congratulations again to Dr. Tony's English class! Keep watching our site for next week's winners!



Hunger is every where i cant stand to see the people starve i want to help and change it even if it means i have to travel to help (which i dont have enough money for so i hope i can do it from home) so lets all pull together!! SAVE THE WORLD!!! SAVE THE WORLD!!! SAVE THE WORLD!!!