Congratulations to the Freerice "Class of the Week!"

This award was created to recognize one class' efforts to feed the world by working together and playing Freerice. Each week, one class is selected from the Freerice website based on the number of grains they have collected and the information they have provided about their group. This week, the award goes to...

"Mr. L's World Studies Classes!"                                    - South Medford High School, Oregon

If you're a Freerice player, you've probably seen this group of students earning grains all over the site! That's no surprise, since there are 132 of Mr. Lefkowitz' students in the group. Since September 5th, they've taken hunger head-on and earned a total of 468,150 grains of rice! 

As World Studies students, they’ve answered plenty of Geography questions and identified tons of countries –but they’re also showing their smarts in French and Famous Paintings too! According to Mr. Lefkowitz, his students  are trying to “make a better world” by playing Freerice. Together, they engage in “learning, acting and communicating” through the game—improving their skills and helping the world at the same time.

According to Lefkowitz, the game "answers the question every teacher dreads, “Why do I have to learn this?”

"Once the students understand about our world’s inequalities, and how they can help rectify them with FreeRice, they are off and running."

How would you like to be the Class of the Week? 

Step 1: Make sure your class is registered as a group on Freerice—be sure to include the word “class", “students,” or “school” in your group’s name.

Step 2: Create a crafty group description—tell us who you are and why you love Freerice!

Step 3: Play, play, play!

Keep watching the blog until next week, when the next winners will be posted! Until then, we'll keep you updated with other stories about teachers and creative ways they're bringing hunger into their classrooms!


Congratulations! Your class

Congratulations! Your class really is making a difference in our community and world! We are very proud -- KEEP LEARNING and DOING! :) -Mrs. B