Congratulations to the Freerice Class of the Week!

Published on 07 February 2011
Congratulations to this week’s Freerice Class of the Week...
Mrs. Avalos' English Class, from Godley High School in Godley, Texas. They've raised more than 325,000 grains of rice!

They use as a way to supplement their “SAT Word of the Day” vocabulary practice in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Avalos said, “I encouraged my kids to create an account, join my group, and use over the Christmas break, at night, and on the weekends.” She added that, “This generation is very technology oriented and I am doing whatever I can to use it to our advantage. Since using, I can see a great improvement on my students’ academic vocabulary as well as an increased level of vocabulary in the social setting. Plus, we’re helping out those who are less fortunate!”


Do you want your class to have a chance to be selected for the next Freerice Class of the Week? Simply log on to, create a group, and start playing!



I like this website

Congradulations Mrs. Avalos! - Keep up the good work with our students!

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