Country Spotlight - Sudan

This month the spotlight is on Sudan.

See how WFP is assisting the largest country in Africa with its largest operation in the world.

Population: 45,047,502

Life Expectancy: 55.42

Human Development Index: 147 out of 177

Children Underweight: 31.7%

Global Hunger Index: Alarming

Sudan is Africa’s largest and most complex country. Its complexities offer a unique set of challenges to the humanitarian world. In the western region of Darfur about one-third of the population, nearly 2 million, are displaced due to the conflicts of 2003; South Sudan has been gripped by more than 20 years of civil war and is still struggling to rebuild; and the eastern region there are major concerns of food insecurity, under development, and conflict.

Sudan is WFP’s largest operation in the world, providing food to more than 11 million people in 2010. The operations in the Darfur region account for more than 70% of WFP’s operational budget in Sudan and are the largest emergency operations in the world.  Each month WFP provides more than 2 million internally displaced populations with rations. During the rainy season, May through October, this number rises to more than 3 million. WFP has begun adapting the emergency food assistance in the region by incorporating a voucher system to assist the permanent camp dwellers with adding variety to the diet and giving them the ability to shop in local markets.  Read more about the voucher system here.

In South Sudan WFP targets more than 1.4 million to support the commitments made in the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which brought an end to the 21-year civil war between the north and the south. WFP supports returnees and assist with their reintegration into their communities, and helps build their livelihoods and plan for the future.  Through food for work and food for recovery programmes WFP works with local communities to identify projects, helping to build the much needed infrastructure through the region. In addition food for training programmes assist adults in learning vocational skills.

Outside of the emergency operations in Sudan, the country programme aims to strengthen recovery and development, improve food security, and enable households to invest in capital through education in training. WFP hopes to achieve this by focusing on school feeding and food for work. The school feeding programme targets 270,000 children and aims to improve access to quality education for primary and secondary students, particularly girls. The food for work programmes, which target more than 36,000 people, make it possible for poor families to gain assets through the food for work activities.

To learn more about Sudan and WFP's operations visit the Sudan Country Page.


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