The Glasgow Academy Plays Freerice

The senior school at The Glasgow Academy plays Freerice to help feed the hungry while helping improve their vocabulary skills.

When Damian Etherington, a professor at The Glasgow Academy in Scotland, read an article in The Guardian about Freerice he knew he had to tell his school about it.  After presenting the idea, the school’s Eco Group took on the challenge and planned competition between the senior school’s tutor groups.

Across the school 29 classes took part raising more than 51,600 grains of rice in just 20 minutes.  The winning group earned over 8,000 grains, and since then their teacher, Mrs. McCallum, has become addicted to the game.

students from glasglow academy waving in front of a computer screenSince October, when the competition was held, they have continued to play Freerice during tutor time.  Some teachers have even started making it a part of their lessons!  To date they have raised more than 85,580 grains of rice.  Iona Gordon, an S4 student, said, “The competition was a very effective way of raising awareness and it was a good way of helping those less fortunate than us.” 


Despite their efforts they have only raised enough rice for three meals, but with that small effort they are helping to change the lives of real people in need.  The school is looking for other ways to make a more substantial and lasting contribution to the fight against hunger.

Visit to start playing and start making a difference in the world.