Helping the hungry while learning English

Freerice is taking over the Hua Shi Yi Fu Zhong school in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.  This public high school of nearly 6,000 is using Freerice to improve their language skills while helping to provide a solution to world hunger.

The classes are taught in both Chinese and English, and they are the first Chinese public school to use the iPad to help the students develop their language skills. The students use Freerice on their iPads to help learn English vocabulary and grammar.

The Mr. Wilmarth's class plays Freerice religiously and has earned more than 1 million grains of rice – 1,013,290 to be exact. One student, Cathy, said that “When we discovered we could help feed hungry people and learn vocabulary, we decided that this was one of the best ways for us to improve our basic English language skills.” They found it especially helpful that the incorrect words repeat later, making it effective for learning new words quickly.

So this week we're congratulating Mr. Wilmarth's class as our Freerice Class of the Week. Way to go and keep up the great work!


nice job!

nice job!