The Kids with a Million-Grain Goal: This Week's Freerice Class of the Week!

Students in classrooms all over the world are playing Freerice. We decided they deserved some recognition! As a way to show the world what one class can do, we created the Freerice Class of the Week.  How does it work? Teachers create groups for their classes, and once they begin earning grains, they join the running to become the week’s chosen class. So, with no further ado, this week’s award goes to...

Mr. Beilke’s Class from Wisconsin!

With a challenge to “score” 1,000,000 grains of rice during this school year, Mr Beilke’s class has been hard at work. Will they make it? With 196,520 grains since they started in September, they are well on their way! Although they are only 10 members strong, some days they earn over 12,000 grains in just one afternoon.

Keep watching this class to see if they reach their million grain goal! 

How could your students become the Class of the Week?

Step 1: Sign up and register your class as a group on Freerice— be sure to include the word “class,” “students,” or “school” in your group’s name.
Step 2: Create a crafty group description — tell us who you are and why your students play Freerice
Step 3: Play, play, play!


Congratulations to this class for their hard work! Another class that has already donated nearly 600,000 grains is Moody Middle School.