Play, Learn, and Feed the Hungry

In honour of World Freerice Week, we've developed two new classroom activities to help you bring Freerice into your classroom. 


We're gearing up for our inaugural World Freerice Week and we want to make sure your class is involved.

To help, we've developed two new classroom activities that let your students play Freerice, earn grains for the hungry, and have fun learning - all at the same time!

Freerice Vocabulary is a lesson in Language Arts and Creative Writing. Students are asked to keep track of the vocaublary words they correctly answer, then incorporate them into a story. This activity is adaptable to many ages and vocabulary levels.  

Freerice Flags of the World is a lesson in Social Studies and Geography for grades 5-7. Using the Flags of the World subject on Freerice, students will complete a profile based on one of the country flags they correctly guess and learn about WFP's work in that country. 

Check out the lesson plans, use them during World Freerice Week, and get your class involved with the Six Degrees of Freerice.