SAT Prep Makes a World of Difference with Freerice

A new partnership between Freerice and Kaplan Test Prep  means studying for the SAT will make a big difference on test scores – and in the global fight against hunger.

You already know that today’s students are the voice of our future. Better yet, they are eager to use their unique voice to explore creative ways to solve global problems like hunger.
This is why we’re excited to tell you that your favorite online trivia game for good has teamed up with Kaplan Test Prep to create a new SAT subject on ensuring students have the vocabulary they need to use their voice to really make a difference.
Students and teachers alike know that studying for the SAT can make a big impact on test scores. And now with Freerice, studying for the SAT can also make a big impact on hunger. 
How will it work? The subject contains 500 SAT questions pulled directly from the exam. For every correct answer students choose, 10 grains of rice are raised through sponsored advertising displayed below the questions. 
These grains of rice currently support the WFP School Meals Programmes in Cambodia. These programmes work to ensure students in Cambodia have the nutrition they need to grow strong minds and bodies. This means that your correct answers don’t just brighten your future – they also brighten the futures of students like you across the globe. How’s that for motivation?
“Kaplan’s SAT questions help Freerice players to build their vocabulary, and playing Freerice helps the world’s most vulnerable populations reach their full potential,” said Nancy Roman, WFP Director of Communications, Public Policy and Private Partnerships.
Here’s an example of a question you can expect to find in the new Kaplan SAT subject:
Despite her chronically __________ expression, my mother is actually quite cheerful and a __________ conversationalist.
• ironic...curt
• doleful...loquacious
• penitent...apposite
• incorrigible...pandemic
• atavistic...tactile
Check your answer here
The new SAT subjects are just one of many recently added subjects on Freerice. You can also now play World Landmarks, where players identify landmarks like Stonehenge and the Louvre, and Human Anatomy. Check out all of the cool subjects on Freerice here:
The next SAT test dates are quickly coming up. Grab your friends and get playing now!