Teaching Toward a Solution

Ten years ago the largest gathering of world leaders in history decided hunger needed to be eradicated by 2015. This was one of 8 goals based on basic human rights created at the UN Millennium Summit. Today, UN officials are meeting in New York to evaluate the world’s progress toward these goals. The deadline for reaching the MDGs is growing near, and there is still plenty of work to be done. 

While UN officials meet in New York, what can you do in the classroom? 

First, you can understand how critical you and your students are to this “global community.” We no longer live in a world where our students will only grow up to affect their home towns. The internet, ability to travel, and leaps made in global communication technology can allow children from even the smallest towns to have a huge impact on the world. Giving your students the right knowledge to become future leaders starts with seeing your children as future leaders. You have to believe that the conversations held in your classroom today shape the conversations that will be held twenty years from now in the UN, on the news, and throughout our world.

Then, you can take that understanding and use it to empower and educate your students. World Hunger can seem far away if students live in a developed country, so bring hunger issues into the classroom. You don’t have to do this on your own, because WFP has created ways for you to teach decimals with hunger facts, teach map skills with countries in crisis, and plenty of other tools to teach with hunger. 

Start by teaching your students about the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. Click here to download the MDG lesson plans. 

 And remember what UN General Assembly Leader Joseph Deiss said:

“If we want to succeed, we have to do it together." Together means all of us. 


Another Voice To The Clamor For The Eradication Of World Hunger

The WFP is a remarkable organization and should be on the agenda of every citizen of the world. If everyone has food to eat and feed his or her family, there'll be less need to steal and kill. Here's another voice to the clamor for the eradication of world hunger: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Readers-Write/160289627316781?v=wall. It's a young voice, but as UN General Assembly Leader Joseph Deiss said: “If we want to succeed, we have to do it together." Let every voice be heard, every bit of message be delivered!