Where Hunger Meets Climate Change - A New Tool for Teachers

Climate change...we've all heard of it, but is it really having an impact on anyone?




It is predicted that climate change will add another 10-20% of the total number of hungry people in the world by 2050.  And, this year we've seen a number of ways that climate change has directly impacted the lives of millions.  From the torrential rains that destroyed crops leaving 10 million people in need of food assistance in Pakistan to the severe drought in Chad, this year has not been short climate-based disasters.  

So why is it important to study this link and learn about it? Because until we find a solution, the world's poorest will continue to be affected by changing weather patterns. 

This new map, designed by WFP and the UK Met Office Hadley Centre, brings together the latest information on food insecurity and climate change to show how they are related. 

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