Our February Online Intern Needs Your Help To Spread The Word On Hunger

 Each month, our online interns from around the world create an online advocacy project to engage their communities in solving hunger. They challenge their friends to tournaments on Freerice.com or create photo galleries of people making a difference. This month, however, our online intern from Belgium is calling on you to help him take his project to the next level. He’s creating a video around his core belief that food is life. He can’t finish it, however, without first hearing from you. 

It’s no easy task raising awareness about hunger and its impact on the world. It takes creativity to send a message that resonates and inspires people to action.  That’s why this month I’m creating a video of students sharing their view on hunger, the importance of food in their lives, and how they can enhance each individual’s access to food in their own small way. I’ll compile these student videos into a single video that WFP Students will post on its blog and social media channels. My goal for this video is to show students around the world the importance of fighting hunger and the difference young people can make.  However, I can’t make this video without your help. I want to hear how your passion for food connects you to the student movement solving hunger.

Here’s how you can join me and share your point of view.

Take a short video (max 1 minute) as an individual or as a group of students with a flip cam or the video camera on your phone.

1)     Introduce yourself

2)     Say the country where you are from

3)     Give your views on  hunger or about the importance of food in your life

4)     Post your video on the WFP Students Facebook page.

Hunger is real: It is a fact that 1 in 8 people in the world today do not eat enough to be healthy. As students and teachers, we have the power to create real change and turn this around. This project might seem simple but it will go a long way to show how much we – the future generation – care about hunger. I hope you’ll take up the challenge and join me.

Written by: Jude Acolatse, February online intern