A Passion For Food And Social Media Inspire February’s Online Intern: Jude From Belgium

We all have our own personal and powerful reasons for getting involved in solving hunger. Growing up, this month’s online intern discovered the importance of food and its inverse: the wide-reaching consequences of hunger. It’s this passion for food that drives his efforts to raise awareness on social media and that motivated him to become a WFP Student online intern. This month, he hopes to inspire students to imagine a world with food for all – and to do their part to help get there. Here’s how you can join him. Meet Jude.

What do you want to be when you "grow up"?
Food is one of the most basic necessities we need to grow. Food is life; a lack of it creates the very worst things one could think of -- including war. As I’ve grown up, my passion for food -- and helping people get access to good food –led me to studying sustainable food development. I first pursued an undergraduate degree in the veterinary sciences and now I am working on a Master’s in food technology. I study how food technology is working in different parts of the world to build sustainable food development and security for the most vulnerable. With all this training , I would like to be an international advocate in the fight against hunger.

What motivated you to be an online intern?
I was motivated by the idea of lending a helping hand to create awareness and boost the work of WFP around the world.  I was also excited by the opportunity to share ideas and discuss issues of hunger with a broader network.

What inspires you to get involved in the fight against hunger?
I’m inspired by that feeling of fulfilment, knowing I’ve done something good by touching a life and that I’ve put a smile on a person’s face -- even from very far away. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to get involved.

Why are you interested in WFP and the work we do around the world?
WFP is a humanitarian organisation with a powerful mission and vision I share. I’ve come to understand the impact of hunger in the world and the disastrous – but avoidable – consequences it leads to.  Motivated to do my part, I’ve discussed with colleagues how to end world hunger and played and learned on Freerice.com. A little goes a long way to make the world a better place to live.

What do you hope to accomplish this month?
This month, I hope to build awareness generally, but especially amongst students by interacting with them on issues of hunger and food security. I’d like to engage a broader WFP Students network in the fight against hunger and the effort to have food for all.