Do you want to use social media to change the world?

Published on 18 August 2011

If yes, then our new WFP Online Intern Programme is just what you need.

We want you to help us spread the word about WFP and engage your social network in the fight against hunger. You'll be tweeting and posting on Facebook about WFP, hunger, and hunger-related issues.

We also want you to take your social network offline and hold an advocacy or fundraising event. Then we'll put your story on our website to help spread the word and encourage other students to do something to make a difference.

If you are interested simply fill out this application and submit it by the 20th of each month for your chance to become out next Online Intern. Each internship is for the period of one month. Click here for more information.


-You must be a student at a university or college.

-You must be between ages 18-24.

-You must have active accounts on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.





i want to make different in the world by helping people

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