Fighting Hunger from King's College London

Students at King's College London are fighting hunger and changing lives from their campus. How will you fight hunger from your campus?


The King's College London WFP Society was officially created in 2010, when a group of committed students from different departments came together to form a society which raises money and awareness on behalf of the world's biggest humanitarian agency. The UN World Food Programme provides one of life's most valued commodities: food. The committee were surprised to hear that we now have the resources to treat and prevent malnutrition, from which almost a billion people continue to suffer. To put this challenge in perspective: it would cost US $3.6 billion to give all the undernourished small children in the world the nutritious foods they need. In Europe, we spend three times that amount on ice-cream.

KCL's WFP Society has been campaigning tirelessly: not only have we raised £400 during a 3 day-long collection across campuses, but we also hosted events, socials, film screenings and a special joint event with the 'Action Palestine' Society to talk about the humanitarian situation in Palestine. We have also recently joined up with Fareshare, a charity which aims to tackle two significant problems in Britain; food poverty and food waste. Quality surplus food and drink generated by supermarkets or individual companies are taken up by the charity and redistributed to disadvantaged people in the community – using food that would otherwise be thrown away. Our members have gotten involved by working in London depots sorting out goods in warehouses, transporting the food to communities and giving meals directly to individuals. Our growing membership speaks louder than words. 



Written by: Daisy Beckham, King’s College London WFP Hunger Activist