Morgan is Changing the World with Social Media

Morgan, our Online Intern for December, has been hard at work engaging her social network in the fight against hunger.
Here’s a little more about Morgan to help you get to know her.
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Q: Where are you from?

A: I currently live in Columbia, South Carolina, but I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia.


Q: What university do you attend?

A: I attend the University of South Carolina.


Q: What are you studying?

A: I'm studying Political Science with a minor in Chinese language.


Q: What do you want to be when you "grow up?"

A: I have always wanted to be an astronaut. So much so that I went to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama twice! Though that dream is somewhat unfeasible now, my current dreams are to write the next great American novel and to help create some sort of positive, lasting change in the world.


Q: Why did you apply to be an online intern?

A: I applied to be an Online Intern because I have shifted through numerous causes and organizations in hopes to find something that really spoke to me. The World Food Programme immediately caught my attention, and I instantly wanted to get involved. The online internship was a perfect way to jump into the action while I balance my university studies. I was eager to lend a hand in a way that allows me to utilize outlets that I am already extremely familiar with in order to hopefully stimulate change.


Q: How do you think students can use social media for social change?

A: Social media's breadth of influence was exemplified in President Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. The power, accessibility and reach of social media channels are a global phenomenon. It is vital that organizations like the WFP integrate these media outlets into their campaigns so that they can increase international awareness. Students are in a unique position to join this trend. A student's network of online friends, family and other connections are the perfect audience to first be provoked to instigate change.


Q: Why are you interested in WFP and the work we do around the world?

A: I joined the WFP because I believe that I am a citizen of not only the U.S. but of the world. I am eager to join an organization that promotes greater global development and stability. The WFP Online Internship is also a way in which I can stimulate awareness and participation in my local community. I believe wholeheartedly in international development, so I wanted to join an organization that is making some of the greatest strides!


Follow Morgan on Twitter @MorganEMixon and see how she uses her social network for social change.


We need more Morgans in the world.