From one online intern to the next: Be inspiring!

The February WFP Students online intern Daniel Arukwe reflects on how tapping into his social networks empowered him to do his part in the fight against hunger.

February has flown by, and my time as an online intern for the World Food Programme has already come to an end. It’s been a truly inspiring time, and being able to spread the word about the fight against hunger as a part of such a dedicated team has been an amazing experience.  Fighting hunger and undernutrition worldwide is a daunting task, but being able to do “my part” and play a role – however small -- has given me new insights and new inspiration to continue to spread the word. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity! 

Through the online internship, I’ve learned and experienced how social media can be a powerful tool for spreading ideas and connecting with others around the issues you’re passionate about. One of the best parts of the experience has been just this – talking to and connecting with others from around the world around hunger, and how we can work to end it. Leveraging these networks is a crucial opportunity to get people involved and using them to spread the word has been an exciting learning experience. So many people out there have the drive and the passion to join the fight, and using social media networks like Facebook or Twitter is a great way to find and connect with them.

As I pass the torch to the next WFP online intern, I’d like to pass along some advice while I’m at it. First, be creative! The best ways to get people involved and engaged is to be creative and innovative in your approach. Second, be inspiring! Being an online intern means not just spreading the word, but inspiring people to get involved and letting them know how and why they themselves can be a force of good. Third, connect! Twitter is an excellent way to find and connect with people who share your passions – check out follower lists and search online. You’ll be surprised at how many interesting people you’ll stumble upon. Fourth, share! If you find an interesting article, video or picture, share it across your networks. The WFP and other organizations publish a wide range of interesting and engaging articles and inspiring stories every week – find them, read them and share them.

Being an online intern for WFP has motivated me to learn more about the underlying causes of hunger and how WFP responds. Going forward, I’m hopeful a planned trip to Malawi next month will enable me to learn and experience more about what the fight against hunger looks like on the front lines and use my networks and the connections I’ve made during the past month to leverage this experience. Although my time as an online intern is over, I promise you haven’t heard the last from me. I’m more inspired than ever to continue to create awareness and spread the word about the fight against hunger, poverty, and malnutrition.

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