Top 5 Ways Students Can Make a Difference

We asked Morgan, our Online Intern for December, what she thought were the top 5 ways for students to make a difference.

Here's her list:

  1. Identify a cause you care about and research the volunteer opportunities available to students. This is how I found the WFP and chose to apply for the December Online Internship!
  2. Once you have found a cause, spread the word to your family, friends and local community to raise awareness. Starting with your close circle is the best way to practice recruting other volunteers. Also, utlizing your social media outlets is a valuable way to spread the word. Raising awareness is crucial to igniting change.
  3. Outside of family and friends, a student's school is a great support system. Bringing your cause to your campus is a great way to find other students that also care about similar issues. The World Food Programme, for example, offers ways in which you can open a WFP student organization chapter at your school or university.
  4. Fundraising is the third item of importance after awareness and stimulating participation. Fundraising is what allows the WFP and other organizations the means to bring solutions to those in need. Both small and large scale fundraising initiatives can make a difference. Every dollar and cent matters. By approaching your network of family, friends, local and academic communities for support and fundraising ideas, you can help the WFP grow and reach more people.
  5. Get involved on the front lines. If you want see your work affect those in need first hand, join a volunteer effort that takes you to the heart of the problem. Many organizations offer programs so that students can travel to troubled areas and work directly with those in need.