University of East Anglia raises more than £3000 for WFP

In 2010 students at the University of East Anglia founded a World Food Programme student society. In one year they held numerous hunger awareness raising events sharing WFP’s work with fellow students and raised over £3,000.
Sidra Awan, the WFP society president tells us how they are fighting hunger on campus.
“This year [2010 – 2011 academic year] we created a new society at the University of East Anglia (UEA) following the success of a charity event we organised in support of WFP last year where we raised £803 for the 2010 Haiti earthquake. 
We formed a group and registered with our student Union. Once we became official with the union and had contacted the WFP London headquarters, we organised a stall in fresher's week [October 2010] and recruited over 200 volunteers. 
Our initial event was in support of WFP’s "World Food day" campaign where we catered food from all over the world and gave a talk to the newly recruited WFP volunteers about WFP and their mandate to end hunger. 
Our subsequent events all revolved around raising awareness of global hunger and poverty with the emphasis o raising awareness and then funds. It was important to emphasise to our WFP society volunteers that educating people was more important than collecting donations. Only once people are aware of the unfortunate circumstances occurring around the world, can they make a difference.
In total this year we raised approximately £3,180. 
Our activities were noticed by the student union and within the local community, and WFP Society UEA was short listed to win the 2011 Union Awards for our volunteering.
In one year we have achieved a lot and we aim to continue fighting hunger from our campus supporting WFP and inspiring others to join the fight against hunger.

thats realy cool of you..all

thats realy cool of you..all the best and continue sowing the good seed.