WFP Yemen Country Director “tells it like it is”- in London

WFP Hunger Activists were invited to a private briefing by Gian Carlo Cirri, WFP Yemen Country Director, during his recent visit to the UK.

Gian Carlo has over 15 years’ experience working for WFP. First as a consultant in Yemen in 1995, his career has taken him to Algeria, Cameroon and Sao Tome before becoming a Country Director in Niger, Mauritania and now back in Yemen where he started out with WFP.
“I came to London to attend an event organised by Chatham House, I took this opportunity to brief young student activists, I could sense a lot of interest in WFP activities, it was very enriching” said Gian Carlo. 
Caroline Hurford, Public Affairs Officer in London agreed: “Whenever one of our field folk pass through, it’s always good to hear about WFP’s work, and some personal experiences, straight from the horses mouth”. 
Watch the interview with Gian Carlo Cirri and see some of the reactions from WFP Hunger Activists at the event.