Why YOU Should Care About Hunger

We asked Joana, our Online Intern for November, what her top 5 reasons you should care about hunger were. Here's what she said:

  1. Because basic nutrition is identified under Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as an integral right of every human being, yet hunger rates have been slowly (but steadily) rising over the past decade;
  2. Because there is enough food in the world to feed everyone and ensure citizens live a healthy and productive lifestyle, yet currently roughly 925 million people worldwide suffer from undernourishment and malnutrition;
  3. Because hunger is the number one global risk to health, killing more people annually than malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined;
  4. Because, contrary to popular belief, hunger and malnutrition are not merely ‘third-world issues’ – in the US, for instance, one in every seven households was categorised in the past year as “food insecure”;
  5. Because we can. We are fortunate enough to have food in our plates every single day, whilst it is estimated that one in every seven people in the world go to bed hungry every night. Because we are somehow ABLE to help, it is our duty as human beings to do so. Young people can help fight hunger in a multitude of ways, ranging from volunteering in local homeless shelters, to supporting related initiatives such as WFP’s wefeedback programme or the Fill-the-cup campaign, to spreading the world at college and university campuses. Be spontaneous, be creative and, most importantly, don’t give up!