Zap Out Hunger

Alysha Kambeyanda, senior in industrial design at Auburn University, took fighting hunger to a whole new level with the Zap Out Hunger Laser Tag Tournament.


The event was based off of Alysha’s Miss Auburn platform. And though she didn’t win the title of Miss Auburn she still wanted to carry out the vision she had. She worked with the Department of Student Affairs along with other groups on campus to organize the event.

They had more than 115 teams sign up and had a great turnout for the event. They had support from local businesses and the local community, in addition to the student body support. 

To keep the eliminated players entertained they had games, including Freerice, available to play. The eliminated players ended up raising more than 39,000 grains of rice, and that’s not all the event raised.

In total the event raised more than US$6,700, that’s enough to feed more than 26,800 kids!

Alysha summed up the event by saying, “I have played laser tag before and knew how fun it was, but running around the student center ballroom in a room of colored strobe lights and obstacles with my friends took it to a new level! Laser tag has such wide appeal and anyone can play. We were able to reach out to a lot of people to have a blast for a good cause.”

So we are challenging you to get creative, think outside the box, and see how you can make a difference in the world!