Empower Women on the Frontlines of Hunger


Women, and the young girls who will grow up to become women, are the secret weapon in fighting hunger. Empowerment can be as simple as providing a nutritious meal to a girl at school. Research shows educated mothers have healthier families – their children are better nourished and more likely to attend school themselves. Here are three ways you can empower women:



Strengthen the Next Generation with Mother & Child Nutrition

Malnourished mothers often give birth to underweight babies, who are 20% more likely to die before the age of five. For just $72, you can provide nutrition for a pregnant or new mother, strengthening both woman and child.


Empower a woman today   


Brighten Futures with School Meals

Nutritious school meals encourage parents to send their children – especially their daughters – to school, and helps keep them there. Just $50 feeds a girl in school for an entire year, fueling her hopes for a brighter future.


Empower a woman today   


Invest in Women to Fight Hunger Worldwide

Research confirms that putting more income in the hands of women results in better health, education and child nutrition. WFP programmes help women break the cycle of hunger and poverty and fulfill their potential.


Empower a woman today