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Ever wondered whether your voice can really make a difference?

The simple answer is ... yes!


It could be as simple as sending emails to your friends, writing to your representatives, to newspapers, or holding an assembly at your school. Here are a couple of examples:


Have a Facebook page? Then you are a networker. Take a look at this video. If you take action and do something – then you tell all your friends – imagine what a difference that would make in raising awareness about hunger. The more people who know about the problem of world hunger, the more likely is to be solved. That’s why all of us need to take action while doing what we do everyday in any case: chatting with friends on facebook, Twitter, or shooting a video.


Add a Banner to Your Site

By adding a banner to your site, you are helping to raise awareness about hunger issues, and ultimately, helping those in most need. There are a number of banners you can upload, especially now, during the Holiday Season, so take your pick here.

 "hunger bytes!" is World Food Programme's annual international film competition for inspired filmmakers. Take the time to enter, and tell others by placing a banner on your site.


 "Shop against Hunger"  Shop deals, provide meals.
When you shop using this mall, cups are filled for hungry people at no extra cost to you! And you can save money with exclusive coupons and deals. So go ahead and add the banner.

Engage Your Teachers

Want Hunger issues in your classroom? Tell your teachers. You can study Geography, Math, Social Studies, Science, History - pretty much everything - by using information on Hunger. Let your teaches know about WFP's Classroom Activities


Having a fundraiser at school?  Then why not use the money to feed schoolchildren around the world. Find out more about WFP's School Meals Programmes. And remember, just $0.25 will fill the cup, and feed a child for a day.


Done that? Then donate online, upload an image and tell us what you did, then send e-cards to friends, relatives, and let them know too! You can do it all with our Wall Against Hunger.


Facebook, Social Vibe & Twitter

Join us on Facebook: Become a fan of World Food Programme on facebook - post links to our videos, let YOUR friends know you're active in the fight against hunger, and spread the word


 With over a million users tweeting daily, twitter users, or tweeps can make a huge difference in raising awareness about global issues. Join us and them...


Never heard of SocialVibe? A great way to raise awareness about a cause, and also to raise money through social networking. Just $0.25 feeds a child for a day - we can all afford that. Check it out.


Take Action ...
Get Ideas on how YOU can help make a difference - click here

1Billion for 1Billion Video

 The ''Billion for a Billion'' campaign - asking the online billion (including you) to help the hungry billion.

Hungerbytes Video Competion