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Call to Action - Students Helping Haiti:


What Happened?

On January 12th, a massive earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter scale hit Haiti, a country where the majority of the population live on less than $2 per day.


In the wake of such a crisis, hunger is the first emergency. WFP urgently needs to assist 2 million earthquake victims in Haiti – your help WILL make a difference. Essential services like water and electricity are out,  increasing the need for ready-to-eat food. 


Why Students?

Your involvement is necessary for WFP to distribute assistance. Today's students are the workers, parents, voters, and leaders of tomorrow. It's your turn to step up. By joining "Students Helping Haiti", schools and universities have the opportunity to dedicate funds to WFP’s emergency assistance operation and fight the hunger crisis in Haiti.


What can you do?

Your school or university could organise a fundraiser, ask people to collect spare change after lunch, or donate immediately online. Using this donation link, you'll be able to give directly through the "Students Helping Haiti" page.  Each donation is a critical contribution to the resources WFP needs to carry out a six-month emergency operation in Haiti. As soon as you let us know you'd like to participate, we'll add you school or university's name to the donation page, so that you can keep track of exactly how much you have donated.


What else?

We'd love for you to allow us to use your school/university logo on our youth pages. Just drop us a line telling us your school would like to participate, permission to publish your logo, and that's it. Oh - one more thing - publicise this throughout your school community, and ask your school webmaster if they'll promote the campaign.



Ideas for raising awareness

Have 5 minutes to spare, and want to do something useful? Or maybe 5 like-minded friends looking for a project.  Take 5 with WFP and find out how to help.


 Be spontaneous: Ever heard of "flashmobbing"? Check out what staff of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisztion did this World Food Day. Awareness is the key to its solution. Get out there!

Fundraising Ideas

 Feeding 1 billion people is a huge challenge, but even small donations can make a huge difference to someone's life. For only $0.25, World Food Programme can provide at least one nutritious meal for a child in school.


Check out WFP's "Walk the World" - and register your school for 2010! Can't organise a walk? Then participate online with "Walk the Web" Be part of the solution!

Contribute your ideas

Have fun - fight hunger!

Play FreeRice: Have fun, learn, and give rice. It's as simple as that! While improving your general knowledge, you can make a difference to world hunger. Probably the only real "free lunch" on the internet...


Food Force: The educational video game from World Food Programme. Coordinate a WFP emergency response - air drops, helicopter flights and more! In 17 languages, Mac & PC versions, and it's free - what are you waiting for?


The Hunger Quiz: Think you know about hunger issues? Take the quiz and find out. Once you're done, share it with your friends, parents, teachers. 

Students Helping Haiti - is your school involved?

Help now!

Emergency supplies to the Philippines? Follow Antonio's biscuits from Turkey to Manila, and find out how WFP acts - quickly - to get food to where it's needed.

Backstage with Bono. WFP's Executive Director, Josette Sheeran speaks with U2's Bono about Hunger and how to Fill the Cup for hungry schoolchildren.