It’s Quiz Time: Do You Know Why Gender Equality Impacts Food Security?

To effectively combat hunger, a big focus needs to be placed on women empowerment, because they play an essential role in feeding the world. In many countries women make up the majority of agricultural laborers and are the ones responsible for the household. 

Not having access to education, a job or the possibility to farm can create food and nutrition insecurity as their own and their families’ health and food security largely depends on them. Test your knowledge by answering these 10 reasons why gender equality is one of the key ingredients to create the recipe for a zero hunger world:


WFP’s SAFE (Safe Access to Fuel and Energy) programme offers sustainable and practical solutions to address the safety, environmental, health and livelihood challenges women face when trying to prepare meals for their families. With the programme, WFP aims to empower women with knowledge, new skills, the means to earn a living and prepare meals for their families safely.