Working with WFP

This section has been designed to provide useful resources to NGOs and civil society organizations who are currently working with WFP, as well as those who wish to pursue partnership.

  • The Principles of Partnership were endorsed by UN and non-UN humanitarian organizations, including WFP, in 2007, providing a shared framework of principles for the humanitarian community.
  • The Sphere Project establishes a set of minimum standards that WFP and NGOs have adopted to guide their humanitarian work.

Field-Level Agreements (FLAs)

The Field-Level Agreement (FLA) is to be used in all operations where non-profit, non-governmental organisations handle WFP resources or implement activities on WFP's behalf. To stay in line with WFP's changing portfolio of activities and regulations, the FLA format is periodically revised. The current version was introduced in December 2012.

To support staff and partners in utilising the latest FLA, the following pieces of guidance are available:




FLA Guidance Material


FLA Templates








How to Work with WFP - Handbook

This handbook has been compiled to aid NGO partners in collaborating effectively with WFP. It is intended as a quick reference for all NGO partners engaged with WFP and its activities. The handbook draws on existing WFP policies & guidelines as well as specific samples from WFP country offices.


  1. Working with WFP                                                                   English     French    Spanish   Portuguese
  2. Creating a partnership                                                           English     French    Spanish    Portuguese
  3. WFP activities: principles and NGO involvement              English     French    Spanish    Portuguese