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Josette Sheeran interviewed on crisis on Libya's borders

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran gave the following interview to the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano after her March 2 visit to the Libya-Tunisian border, where she personally assessed the scale of the humanitarian crisis unfolding.

Shrinking Food Stocks, Surging Prices In 2011 FAO Warns

World food prices surged for the eighth straight month in February amid growing demand and a drop in cereal production, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization reported, with its latest February Food Price Index the highest on record since monitoring began in 1990.

Egypt Revolution 2.0

With her country under lock-down, and thousands of her Egyptian countrymen protesting on the streets, WFP IT Officer Dalia Mansour was working to ensure her colleagues still had connectivity they needed to continue their work. Then, on January 28, internet and mobile phones stopped working...

The New Paradigm Of Hunger

New World bank figures show 44 million people have been pushed into poverty and hunger as a result of high food prices since June last year. Old drivers of hunger and food insecurity are combining with newer ones to create large populations of vulnerable people, writes StevenWere Omama, a senior policy officer at WFP.

Leveraging Agriculture Through Home Grown School Feeding

Home Grown School Feeding was put forward as a concrete strategy to leverage agriculture for improving nutrition and health during last week's IFPRI conference in New Delhi, India.  WFP's chief of school feeding, Nancy Walters, and Lesley Drake, the Executive Director of the Partnership for Child Development, explain why.

WFP Ambassador Howard G.Buffett Chronicles Human Courage

WFP Ambassador Against Hunger, Howard G. Buffett, has travelled to more than 95 countries and visited WFP operations in at least 15 countries to document the fragility of the human condition. Click here to see how he portrays the enduring and courageous nature of the human spirit. Watch video

Here Comes The Private Sector

In the latest edition of the Food Factor Podcast,  WFP Director of Public Policy and Communications Nancy Roman discusses the growing involvement of business in humanitarian aid and how industry leaders in logistics and nutrition are helping WFP to do its job better. Listen to the podcast

Fighting Malnutrition In Niger

In his latest post about how WFP uses nutritional products in emergency situations, WFP programming officer Guillaume Foliot looks at the supplementary feeding set up in Niger last year to prevent a further deterioration in malnutrition amid drought, poor harvests and high food prices.

Development community must create bigger role for private sector, says USAID chief

The development industry must work in a way that allows it to be replaced by efficient local governments, by civil societies and by a vibrant private sector, said USAID Chief Rajiv Shah this week in a keynote speech at the Center for Global Development in Washington.

Pakistan: Battling Malnutrition Amid Access Challenges

In his ongoing look at how WFP uses nutritional products in emergency situations, WFP programming officer Guillaume Foliot looks at the solutions found in the wake of the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan last summer, when access was a major challenge.