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The Annual Country Report (ACR) is the annual performance report for the Transitional, Interim and Country Strategic Plan (T/I/CSP).

In 2017 the transition began from project-based to country-based reporting and from reporting against the Strategic Results Framework (SRF) to the Corporate Results Framework (CRF). Throughout 2019, all country offices have moved to the CSP framework, and around 99 ACRs will be produced for the reporting year.

The ACR fulfils a contractual agreement with donors and informs them how the resources donated to WFP have been used to achieve results during the reporting year. The ACRs contribute to WFP’s annual corporate statistics and Annual Performance Report and serve as a repository of institutional knowledge. ACRs are also a key source of information for evaluations. The availability and quality of output and outcome data directly influences the evaluation conclusions on the results of WFP interventions and as such contribute to both objectives of accountability and learning.