If you could ask a student in Nepal a question, what would it be?

Welcome to a tiny village in Nepal where students sing about the miracles of education because they now have the nourishment to learn. A BBC journalist recently traveled to this village to meet some of the students here who receive a daily WFP meal at school and share their story. This Wednesday, you’ll have the opportunity to meet these singing students with BBC World Class – and hear about how receiving a WFP meal everyday at school helps them dream big for the future.

Life here in the village of Dalla in western Nepal is often hard. A 20-hour drive from the Nepalese capitol of Kathmandu, the region is incredibly isolated. Many of the families that live in the area are poor and completely reliant on their farms for food. This year in particular, however, the monsoons arrived late and many of the crops failed, leaving families without enough food and the little money they normally earn through the sale of surplus crops in local markets. 

Fortunately, WFP has been working with communities to fight hunger in the region for over 16 years. The WFP school meals program here ensures that students get at least one nutritious meal at school a day. The school meals program is especially important for keeping kids in school when seasons of unpredictable rains and weather patterns mean families have poor harvests.

On Wednesday July 18 at 9 am (UK time), BBC World Class will be hosting a live blog where you can hear more from these students and get rare glimpse into what life is like for students in Nepal who receive WFP school meals. You’ll be able to ask questions about what life is like in their village, how school meals help them learn, and their hopes for the future. Even better yet, students from a WFP school meals programme in Nairobi, Kenya will also be participating in the event, giving you the opportunity to connect with students around the world straight from your computer.

Here’s how it works: watch this video before the event to see what life might be like for some of the students you’ll be hearing from in the live blog this Wednesday. Think of questions you might have and what inspires you to help end hunger and then share your ideas by:

• Emailing World Class at: worldclass@bbc.co.uk

• Leave a message on the World Class Facebook page

• Tweet using #worldclassvalues

Finally, log on to the live blog here and get ready to be inspired! We can’t wait to hear all your awesome thoughts and ideas!