A Social Summer: Staying Engaged With WFP Students When School’s Out

Fighting world hunger doesn’t have to stop for summer break. You may not have student organizations or classes to engage you in discussions and events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference.

We hope you’ll join us every Monday starting June 11th for “A Social Summer” -- our new initiative designed to take ten minutes of your time once a week to get people in your community talking about world hunger.
Here’s how it works: Once a week WFP Students will share one tweet and one Facebook status to start a conversation online about how together we can end hunger. Your challenge is to retweet or share the WFP Students post and then tag friends you think will be interested. The posts will include information about world hunger, WFP initiatives, current crises, and easy ideas for fundraising and awareness events in your communities.
small child eating wfp foodWe want to hear what you think will get people talking about solving hunger! What tools and messages will help you engage your community? Tweet, message, or post your ideas to our WFP StudentsFacebook and Twitter and you just might see them featured on our weekly updates!
It might feel like simply posting a message or photo once a week will not help solve world hunger, but if we all do a little bit we can achieve a lot.  In the age of social media, we know that everyone is paying attention to what’s trending. And we hope that WFP Students not only makes that golden twitter trend feed, but that our tweets, pins, and status updates help us work together to share and build upon each other’s ideas.
If your family and friends were to ask you to describe your perfect summer, how would you respond? Relaxing, adventurous, sun-filled? Here at WFP Students, we have agreed “social” is the perfect adjective. This summer is all about using social media to transform the summer lull into a summer of action. It’s about spreading awareness and inspiring discussion through the tools students like us use best.
We can’t wait to get started! Make sure and join us June 11th as we kick off the social summer with our first fun challenge.