Welcome To A School In Sweden Changing The Tune on Hunger

 Meet Erica Stålblad. She’s a student at Helenholms School in Malmö, Sweden who decided to help the World Food Programme make a difference in the lives of hungry people worldwide. She not only convinced her classmates to join her: she also inspired Swedish musician Tingsek to help her turn up the volume on how together we can solve hunger.

 It all began with a commercial on television that showed hungry children impatiently waiting and waiting for a dinner that never comes. Created by WFP, the commercial inspired Erica to visit the organization’s Swedish language website. There, she saw the scope of the organization’s efforts fighting hunger around the world.  “It was more than any other organization I had encountered before,” she said.

A few clicks later, and she learned WFP feeds 90 million people a year – but that they can’t do it alone. With a meal for a hungry child costing just US25 cents (.21 Euro), she quickly realized that students like her could make a real difference helping young people across the globe get the nourishment they need to learn. Her idea began.
The morning after, Erica told her classmates that she wanted to organize a charity concert to raise money for WFP. Her classmates jumped on board and together they approached Swedish artist Tingsek to see if he would perform at their concert. He was inspired to get involved and turn up the volume on their message: when it comes to solving hunger, everyone has a role to play.
High school gyms aren’t Tingsek’s typical venue. With several decades of musical experience and four albums to his name, he’s collaborated with top-names in the Nordic music business like Ane Brun and Timbuktu. Expectations were therefore high when a few weeks later his music was drumming out of the speakers at the school concert.
The money raised through the concert will go a long way with WFP’s school meals programme, providing nearly 560 school meals – and the opportunity to learn on a full stomach – to children around the world. 
Most importantly, Erica showed her classmates and community how to change the tune on hunger from impossible to solvable.