WFP And The Hunger Games Movie Inspire Teenage Humanitarians To Take On Hunger

 What does it mean to be a humanitarian? This World Humanitarian Day, organizations and celebrities alike will encourage you to celebrate the people in your community working to improve the lives of others. We wanted to introduce you to two teenage humanitarians in the seventh grade who set out to end hunger. They showed us that being a humanitarian has nothing to do with how old you are. It’s about using your voice to inspire others. Meet Savannah and Michaela.

 The book series The Hunger Games got Savannah and Michaela thinking about what they could do to make a difference – and they resolved one day over lunch to start a school campaign to fight hunger.

Both active volunteers in their community; they already knew how to make a difference. The challenge, they knew, would be getting their classmates excited about fighting hunger. However, an online partnership between WFP, Feeding America and The Hunger Games movie provided easy inspiration. 
“We both wanted to make a difference with this huge issue that is all around us but that no one ever talks about,” Michaela said.
The pages of their favorite book inspired their creative fundraiser. They divided their school’s student body into 13 districts – just like the book – and challenged them to compete against each other to see who could make the biggest impact on hunger. The district that raised the most money for WFP had their names entered 13 times for the “reaping”: an opportunity to throw a pie at a number of popular teachers and staff during an all-school assembly. Students could also buy US$1 tickets at lunchtime to increase their chances be selected for the “reaping.”
As part of the campaign, every class took the WFP hunger quiz. Students were startled by how many lives were affected by hunger – and how easily they could get involved to make a difference.
In the end, 4 students earned the golden opportunity to throw the pie – and the school raised enough money to provide some 2,632 meals for hungry people through WFP. 
“It was such a great experience that I definitely want to do it again to…make an even bigger difference in the world,” Michaela said. 

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Join us this World Humanitarian Day in celebrating the energy of these young humanitarians – and students worldwide like them -- writing a new hunger-free chapter for the next generation. .

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