Welcome to FamilyChef, the recipe series of the World Food Programme (WFP). If you’re wondering what happened to VoucherChef, don’t worry! We know how much you loved it, and that’s why we’ve given it a new name and made it even better.

Wherever you are in the world, food is a symbol of dignity and freedom. We’ve opened out our cookery series so that even more of the people we serve across the globe can share their wonderful recipes with you. So check out some of their traditional dishes, get cooking and don’t forget to share your culinary efforts with us on social media!



A delicious, easy to prepare chick pea based snack served with hummus.

Fried Kubbeh Balls

A staple Syrian dish, consisting of bulgur wheat balls stuffed with minced meat and onions.


With a bit of preparation, this very special occasion Syrian dish will be a crowd-pleaser.

Stuffed Beet Leaves

Turn Merve's light and refreshing family favourite meal into your family's favourite meal.


Try one of Iraq’s most famous (hearty and healthy) dishes.


Bring the best flavours of Syria together with this traditional dish usually cooked
for special guests.


Delight your family or guests with this easy appetiser, that can also be served as a side dish.


This nutritious Jordanian dish consisting of bulgur and lentils is best served with side
portions of salad and yogurt.


A family-pleasing Syrian recipe that will ensure a successful special event or dinner.


Zesty dish typically served to guests and usually accompanied with a side portion of rice.

Shorba Roz

Nourishing special soup, gentle on the stomach. It is best served at times of illness,
after surgery and for women after childbirth.

Caterpillar Surprise

A special dish from central Zimbabwe 

Mujaddara (from Palestine)

Healthy traditional eating of the Levant.


A taste of Syrian traditional cooking 

Byrek me Gjizë

Albania's savoury pie is a family treat

Ukranian Borsch

Tatiana, a young mother from Donetsk, shows us how to prepare Borsch Soup, a typical
Ukrainian dish.


Iron-rich sangrecita, quick and easy to prepare, is ideal for anyone suffering from anaemia. 

Vegetarian Borsch

Gulnara’s shared with us a Vegetarian Borscht Recipe – part of her team’s winning three-course meal.