15 October 2012

As Syrians continue to flee violence and pour into neighbouring countries, there are now over 100,000 Syrians living in camps in Turkey. The Turkish authorities have been providing them with assistance but with the growing numbers of new arrivals, WFP is stepping in with a complimentary food e-voucher programme in partnership with the Turkish Red Crescent.

4 October 2012

On a narrow unpaved alleyway hidden between green bushes in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, a vacant yard was turned into a distribution site for food and non-food assistance. Hundreds of Syrian refugees fleeing violence in their home country picked up thier family food packages there. The monthly ration was heavy and the transportation was an additional burden. Now, they are able to buy their own food from local shops using vouchers.

20 September 2012

Life has not always been harsh for Amer* (not his real name). Back in the Syrian town of Idleb, he had his own business as a clothing retailer and business was good. He never thought he would become a refugee let alone live on humanitarian assistance.

12 September 2012

MasterCard and WFP have announced a global partnership that will use digital innovation to help people around the world break the cycle of hunger and poverty. This game-changing partnership will combine MasterCard’s expertise in electronic payment systems with WFP’s global reach among the world’s hungry.

27 July 2012

Food shortages are on the way for the rural poor of Zimbabwe, according to a new report estimating that poor harvests could leave 1.6 million people in need of food assistance. With food needs on the rise, WFP and its partners are gearing up to respond with a combination food distributions and cash voucher programmes