Centre publishes article on Global Policy journal

Article signed by the Centre’s director Daniel Balaban discusses lessons learnt from the Brazilian experiences in fighting hunger and poverty

“Modern Brazil is about so much more than just football and behind the dramatic economic growth of recent years, there is another success story that marks Brazil out as a global leader. Starting around the turn of the millennium, Brazil supported a change in social policy that achieved the equivalent of a silent revolution in terms of improving nutrition for millions of families that had previously been living in poverty.”

This is how Daniel Balaban, the director of the Centre of Excellence against Hunger, introduces the discussion on what lessons can be taken from Brazil’s experience in reducing poverty and increasing food security. His article was published on the journal Global Policy Online. The article highlights that the main distinction of Brazil’s achievements from developmental gains in other countries is that Brazil created a Brazilian solution for a Brazilian problem.

This approach became a national policy and now is available to other countries interested in developing their own policies and programmes. Brazil provides a model that can be adapted to other nations through south-south cooperation and knowledge exchange. The WFP Centre of Excellence facilitates this process, by providing direct capacity development support to governments in the areas of school feeding, nutrition, food security and social protection.  The Centre provides policy and programme advice, and brings southern nations together to help them to develop their own programmes.

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