Christina Aguilera - A Voice for the Hungry

Christina Aguilera and the World Food Programme

Christina and the World Food Programme

One of the biggest names in pop music today, Christina Aguilera is also a WFP Ambassador Against Hunger, lending her voice to WFP and the fight against hunger.


Christina just visited Rwanda where she spent time at a refugee camp. She was deeply moved hearing from the refugees about escaping violence in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.


After the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the five-time Grammy award winner was among artists who headlined for the "Hope for Haiti Now" Telethon, one of the most widely syndicated fundraising events in history, raising over $66 million in relief aid.


As the official spokeswoman for the Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief Campaign, From Hunger to Hope, she has used her fame and success to raise over $148 million for WFP and other hunger relief agencies in 45 countries.


Christina debuted in this role with a moving public service announcement that shows her serenading onlookers at a busy street corner in Los Angeles with her hit ballad Beautiful. Find out more

From the Field


Recently in Rawanda, Christina visited one of the schools where children get a daily hot meal - and got a rousing welcome from the children. The school meal programme is one of the best ways of giving kids a chance for the future: combining education and a healthy meal so the children can concentrate and grow up strong and smart.


In May 2010, Christina travelled to quake-stricken Haiti to see how food assistance is helping the nation recover and rebuild. Read about Christina's trip to Haiti >> 


In August 2009, Christina caught another glimpse of hunger first hand during a field trip to Guatemala where she met with poor mothers surviving on WFP food aid. Read about Christina's trip to Guatemala in 2009 >>

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