Commemorating WFP's Half Century Of Service

The first picture above was taken in Brazil in 1968, the second in Haiti in 2010. The arc of time between these two pictures is most of WFP’s life. And while much has changed over the last five decades, the look on the faces of the children who receive our school meals clearly has not.

WFP was created in November 1961 as a three-year, US$100 million experiment by the United Nations. In 1962, our governing body held its first session and we responded to our first emergency, an earthquake in Iran. And in 1963, we had our operational launch. Together, these events of five decades ago set WFP on a course that today still saves lives and livelihoods around the world.

Today, with a workforce of 14,500 in 92 countries, the World Food Programme is often all that keeps a hungry child alive. Because we know that hunger is the world’s greatest solvable problem, we deliver life-saving nourishment to around 100 million people each year.

50 Takes On Hunger

Bill Gates, Christina Aguilera, Hugh Jackman, Drew Barrymore, Sami Yusuf, Jeffrey Sachs, Ban Ki-moon.

They all have something to say about hunger. Find out what at

Every week a new voice, a new take on hunger. Join the conversation and tell us what you think.


50 leaders, 50 weeks, 50 videos

Few humanitarian organizations have as much to be proud of over five decades as WFP, so in 2012  we’re pausing to reflect upon on our past achievements and our future challenges. 

To commemorate 50 years of service to the hungry, we introduce  “50 Takes on Hunger,” a dynamic, year-long, web feature in which 50 people of influence from every walk of life will offer their thoughts via video about the global fight against hunger. We will hear from national leaders and business executives, actors and musicians, political commentators and fashion designers, athletes and more.

We invite you to join us here each week for a different view on hunger. Together, let’s engage in dialogue towards a better world in 2012 and beyond . . . one without hunger.