Orissa tribals get trampled under apathy & negligence

Published on 07 April 2009

It was a dew-drenched December morning. The winter was at its peak. The picturesque Rayagada town on the borders of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa was wearing a beautiful bridal look. Alluring greenery on the hills nearby, hordes of buffaloes and sheep feasting on the long-grown grass presented a picture perfect for a nature artist to capture it on the canvas. All this had no meaning for Sukru Himrika. He had no longer any hope to live in this pretty place where he was born 23 years ago. He decided to leave his home to feed his family. [...] According to Food Security Atlas published by the UN World Food Programme, the regional patterns of development in Orissa reveals that development has not spread and there have been pockets of underdevelopment. [...] Low levels of land development in the KBK region have resulted in poor performance on the agricultural front. There is very small area that can be cultivated twice in an agricultural year. This has resulted in a very low cropping intensity.

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