Sri Lanka

Published on 02 April 2009

Since late January, nearly 52,000 IDPs have crossed over to government controlled areas and are accommodated in IDP centres/welfare villages:  Vavuniya (44,823), Jaffna (4,861), Mannar (856), Trincomalee (464) and Pulumudai hospital (957). More than 100,000 IDPs are still trapped in Vanni ‘safe zone’ and require humanitarian assistance.

In addition to the 1,160 mt of food shipped since 17 February, WFP is preparing to dispatch its largest food consignment by sea to Puthumathalan, Mullaitivu. This will be the third and largest shipment, carrying over 1,000 mt of mixed food commodities (rice, wheat flour, dhal, sugar, veg. oil and CSB, with the government arranged ICRC flagged ship. WFP is closely liaising with the Government, advocating on behalf of the INGOs, to include complementary food items (vegetables, condiments, etc.). The 1,000 mt of mixed commodities will be sufficient to feed 100,000 people for 20 days.