Published on 11 November 2008

As of 31 October 2008, over 4.6 million people were registered (all categories, eligible or not for food assistance) under the Vulnerable Group Feeding Programme (VGF). The number of people confirmed to be in the worst food insecure categories (1 and 2) and presently eligible for assistance is higher than initially anticipated.
October 2008 preliminary figures show that over 1.5 million beneficiaries received food assistance under the VGF progamme and over 530,000 under the Safety Net (SN).
In November 2008, WFP aims to assist 4 million beneficiaries: some 3.35 million under the VGF with circa 39,000 mt of food and over 600,000 beneficiaries under the Safety Net with some 6,500 mt of food.
WFP plans to assist the most food insecure categories (1 and 2) under the VGF programme from November 2008 onwards and, if resources permit, scale-up to assist category 3 beneficiaries (who face a food deficit of 3-6 months during the consumption year) in January 2009.
WFP has cut rations for November 2008 distributions in an attempt to reach as many beneficiaries as possible with the little resources currently available and the resources pledged. The cereal ration will be cut from 12 kg to 10 kg per person per month and pulses from 1.8 kg to 1 kg per person per month for all VGF and SN take home rations. A Food Aid Coordination meeting will be held this week to sensitize donors to WFP’s lack of resources as of January 2009 and to discuss prioritisation strategies for December 2008 in view of same.