18 July 2012

As a child Inka Himanen dreamt of going on expeditions to the jungles of the Amazon to explore the exotic wildlife. She never became a wildlife explorer, but she did get to see the jungles of South America. Inka today works as a programme officer for the United Nations World Food Programme  ( WFP) in Colombia providing food assistance for the internally displaced people ( IDPs)affected by internal conflict.  We asked her about her work for WFP in Colombia – here are her answers.

3 April 2012

The purpose of the Governor’s mission was to learn about WFP’s experiences in dealing with emergencies in the Latin America and Caribbean region. The Governor aims to establish an Emergency Operations Centre in Barranquilla to assist vulnerable populations living in the Caribbean coast of Colombia in case of disasters.

5 January 2012

The online quiz game Freerice crossed another milestone today with the addition of its one millionth registered player. The game, which allows players to raise rice for the hungry with every correct answer, has provided meals to almost 5 million people since launching in 2007.

Focus on Women
23 November 2011

In Colombia, WFP assists many victims of sexual and gender-based violence, providing them with food assistance as they recover. As part of her work for WFP, Mariangela Bizzarri recently visited a town on Colombia's Pacific coast to meet some of these women and to assess the impact of the violence they have experienced. She sent us this personal account of one day of meetings.

Nutrition, School Meals
24 June 2010

Myriam Parra was rescued from poverty by a turn of good fortune. Now she’s set up a school in rural Colombia where kids who aren’t as lucky can get an education. As Myriam’s first partner, WFP is making sure her students get the nutritious food they need to learn and grow.

Nutrition, Procurement, School Meals
21 May 2010

Mercedes Bohorquez has made panela, the main ingredient in Colombia’s favourite thirst-quencher for as long as she can remember. But, unable to sell her product herself, she remained trapped in poverty. Now, with a helping hand from WFP, she and her fellow paneleros are solving that problem.

23 December 2008

WFP has launched an emergency operation to assist 30,000 people in different parts of the country which have been badly affected by flooding and avalanches caused by the eruption of a volcano.

14 February 2008

WFP staff often face challenges that call for quiet and persistent acts of bravery. Maria Lucia Osorio is one of those people. She tells WFP's Heather Hill what it's like helping Colombia's displaced rebuild their shattered lives.

28 September 2007

WFP has welcomed US government contributions in September totaling US$110.7 million for the hungry poor in 11 countries from Latin America to Asia. Nearly half the resources were targeted to Sudan, home to WFP’s single-largest operation in the world.

30 March 2007

The Government of the Netherlands has made its first-ever multi-year donation to WFP, committing Euro 27.2 million each year from 2007 until 2009.