5 February 2013

To meet the growing humanitarian needs inside Syria, WFP is aiming to expand its reach rapidly, raising the number of people receiving emergency food aid by 1 million in the next three months.

Refugees and IDPs
31 January 2013

Live from Damascus, join WFP's Abeer Etefa for a Google+ Hangout at the centre of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Abeer has spent the week travelling around the country to visit WFP operations on both sides of the front lines. This unique event will be broadcast live on Google+ and on YouTube Friday 1 February at 12:00pm NYC / 5:00pm London. Watch here

23 January 2013

WFP is aiming to scale up to assist more families in Syria, but requires greater humanitarian access in order to reach them, Executive Director Ertharin Cousin said Wednesday during a press conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

4 January 2013

The conflict in Syria has led thousands of Syrians to flee seeking safety in neighbouring Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. Food is one of their priority needs and WFP is responding with an operation to assist refugees in all five countries. WFP is providing assistance mainly through food vouchers redeemable in local shops as well as direct food distributions in some areas where beneficiaries cannot access markets easily.

19 December 2012

GENEVA – WFP joined other humanitarian aid agencies on Wednesday in unveiling an expanded plan to assist people fleeing fighting in Syria to neighbouring countries during the first six months of 2013.

11 December 2012

Winter is here and in the camps housing Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, preparations are under way to help families get through the cold months ahead.

15 November 2012

Humanitarian needs – especially food – are growing in Syria as fighting continues to force thousands of families to flee their homes. Here is an overview of what WFP is doing inside and outside Syria to support the people affected by the fighting.

Refugees and IDPs
28 September 2012

Over 1.2 million people are displaced inside Syria and some 250,000 people have fled the country and became refugees in neighbouring countries. Many of them left their homes, lives and had to flee with their families with only the clothes that they were wearing.

Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs
12 September 2012

Syrian civilians have been fleeing violence in their home country to neighbouring Lebanon. Having spent most of their savings, life has not been easy on many families despite immense efforts to provide them with humanitarian assistance. They worry of rent expenses and an approaching winter, known to be harsh in the areas where there is a heavy presence of Syrian families; the north and the Bekaa Valley. However, at least food is one thing less to worry about.

7 August 2012

Since the beginning of July, WFP has reached more than 40,000 people in and around the embattled city of Aleppo with food supplies. But here, as in many parts of Syria, insecurity is a major challenge. From Damascus, country director Muhannad Hadi gives the low-down on one of WFP’s most complex operations of the moment.