25 November 2011

Thanks to her chicken farming and small grocery business, Pong Onn is now able to look after herself and her daughter. But to get here she had to weather a series of crises after learning that she was HIV positive. One of them was the sudden death of her husband. Getting through the tough times required support, which came from WFP and a local NGO, Cambodian HIV/AIDS Education and Care.

28 October 2011

Chin Cheng Hong’s house is built on stilts, but so high have the floodwaters risen in Cambodia this year that even this was not enough to protect her completely. When the waters crept through her floorboards, she knew things were really bad. 

24 October 2011

WFP's Para Hunzai talks to a woman who has had to flee her home with her family due to the recent floods in Cambodia.

20 October 2011

The worst floods Cambodia has seen in a more than a decade continue to wreak havoc across the country where over 250 people are reported dead, more than 46,000 families displaced and an estimated 1.2 million Cambodians affected.

School Meals
6 September 2011
WFP’s Para Hunzai learns about a community in Cambodia’s Kampong Speu province that is contributing its own resources to the local school feeding programme, helping to make it more sustainable and locally-owned. 


Food Prices, School Meals
8 July 2011

Srey Khouch Van and her father Chan tell their story of the struggle of ensuring enough food for their family and how WFP helps to ease the burden in the face of rising food prices

School Meals
24 January 2011

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Education to increase attendance levels at primary schools across Cambodia, WFP provides Food Scholarships in the form of Take Home Rations to some 20,000 vulnerable students across Cambodia. Focusing on the most vulnerable and food-insecure, WFP aims to reduce drop-out rates, reduce hunger and improve students’ ability to concentrate on their lessons.

School Meals
26 January 2010

In rural Cambodia, youngsters from poor families are often pulled out of school to work in the fields, as their parents struggle to make ends meet. But a programme of school meals and take-home rations is keeping children – especially girls like Ry Srei Net – in school.

HIV/AIDS, School Meals
14 October 2009

Undeterred by flooded roads, flat tyres and toothache, two 40-year-old WFP supporters from Switzerland recently completed a gruelling 1,056-km bicycle ride across Cambodia and Thailand to raise funds for WFP as part of YUM Brands’ World Hunger Relief campaign.

12 March 2007

WFP has welcomed an urgently needed contribution of US$1 million from the Government of Dubai in response to its appeal to end drastic food aid cuts affecting 700,000 poor Cambodians, including HIV/AIDS and TB patients.