Hunger in the news

25 November 2010

A nutritious blue-green algae, known as spirulina, has been added to school meals in Jordan to combat chronic malnutrition and anaemia among children. (..) According to IIMSAM, a pilot feeding programme in two Kenyan schools from April 2009 to April 2010 helped cure 1,350 pupils suffering from malnutrition. The World Food Programme estimates that 22 per cent of children under the age of five in Kenya are malnourished, significantly higher than the 15 per cent level which the World Health Organization uses as a threshold to describe an emergency situation.

16 July 2010

The Ministry of Education and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) on Thursday signed an agreement to support the implementation of the School Nutrition Programme (SNP).

14 July 2010

The Department of Statistics on Wednesday inked a cooperation agreement with the United Nation's World Food Program (WFP) to boost government's efficiency in monitoring food security.

14 April 2010

Motorola Jordan sponsored the recent fund raising gala dinner organized by the county office of the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP).(..)The donations will be utilized in one of the UNWFP local projects, mainly supporting the Ministry of Education’s school feeding project.

9 November 2009

The sense of loss is all too recent for retired Major Tahir Wadood Malik, who lost his wife Gul Rukh Tahir in the bombing of the UN World Food Programme office in Pakistan last month. “I dropped my wife off at 7:45am, told her that I would pick her up at 5:00pm. At 2:30 in the afternoon I came to claim a dead body,” he said.

1 June 2009

The United Nations World Food Programme (WEP) together with its major corporate partners is preparing for a global walk against child hunger on Sunday entitled by "End Hunger: Walk the World". The person in charge of the programme in Jordan Fatin al-Hindi said thousands of people –many of whom can no longer afford the food available in the markets, will come together with government officials, reprsentatives of UN agencies, WFP corporate partners, their employees, friends and families to walk over a 24-hour period, in each of the planet’s time zones, to raise awareness and funds to feed children.

21 January 2009

The Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO) has dispatched 261 aid convoys to the Gaza Strip since the Israeli attacks against the coastal enclave started December 27, a JHCO official said on Tuesday. [...] In addition, a military aeroplane carrying 10,000 ready meals for the Palestinians in Gaza flew to El Arish Airport in Egypt upon His Majesty King Abdullah’s directives. The food shipment is the fourth batch of 80,000 ready meals that will be distributed in coordination with the UN World Food Programme.