Korea, Democratic People's Republic (DPRK)

25 October 2012

Kaesong City baby home is one of 39 orphanages in DPR Korea receiving food assistance from the World Food Programme (WFP). There are three different types of homes for orphaned children in DPRK, based on age group. Baby homes cater for children between 0 and 4 years-old, children aged 5 and 6 are cared for in child centres, and boarding schools are home to 7-16 year-olds.

15 October 2012

The Government of China has recently announced a contribution of US$1 million to WFP’s operation in DPR Korea. The donation will be used to assist children and their mothers who are most vulnerable to undernutrition.

Crop and Food Assessments
26 September 2012

An FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM) is underway in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea from 24 September to 8 October 2012.

25 September 2012

By Xuerong Liu, WFP Programme Officer in Pyongyang

On 20 September, a delegation from New Zealand headed by Seoul-based Ambassador His Excellency Patrick Rata visited institutions caring for children supported by the World Food Programme (WFP) in Sariwon city, North Hwanghae province.

7 September 2012

The Government of Ireland has confirmed a 200,000 Euros donation to WFP’s operation in DPR Korea

27 August 2012

Thanks to the United Nations' Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), WFP is able to provide continued food assistance to communities affected by the floods in DPR Korea.

16 August 2012

Often taken for granted, access to nutritious food during pregnancy can greatly impact a woman and her child's life -- as this young mother from DPRK tells our team.

16 August 2012

Wheat flour, one of the ingredients necessary for a balanced, healthy diet, enables WFP to provide nutritional assistance to women and children in DPR Korea.

3 August 2012

WFP is sending a first batch of emergency food aid to flood-hit areas in the south of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) where torrential rains have left 88 people dead and over 60,000 people homeless.

5 July 2012

The recent dry spell on the Korean Peninsula has had a significant impact on annual early crop.  Recently released government data indicates that at just over 207,000 metric tons, it is 40 percent down on last year.  WFP DPRK Country Director Claudia von Roehl recently visited some farms in the affected area and this is what she saw.